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HTTPS - safe and secure

Every website created in 7divs is always secured by HTTPS.

We generate the SSL certificate for free. You don´t have to worry about data leaks.

Secured websites also preferred by search engines such as Google.

Fast and responsive

Websites created with 7divs work great on all mobile devices.

The system preserves incredibly fast loading speed. 7divs will outrun your competition.

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Thousands of options with simple management

7divs editor offers simple content management for everyone.

You can also create content using navigation tiles, content boxes, and galleries.

Uploading videos and pictures has never been easier.

Privacy for everyone

Each 7divs website has automatic data protection according to GDPR.

7divs automatically secures every form, newsletter and order.

You can easily delete the user data you are managing.

Express your creativity

7divs allows you to customize the web the way you like.

The content structure also protects you from various errors.

This way your website will always be pleasant for your audience.


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